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A Little Piece of Happy




‘A Little Piece of Happy’ was a fantastic project, combining physics engine ‘Box 2D’ with fun mini-games and videos, making the entire site a plaything for users to sit in front of and smile.

The multiple backdrops served as different happy-worlds, each with their own laws of physics.

Sr. Flash developer
Lead a team of developers, animators and third party vendors

AS 3.0 with Box 2d Physics engine
Facebook integration
Single widget HTML Embedding capabilities

Disney-Pixar Cars Game

I teamed up with Spin Communications to program a fully functional car racing game for Disney Pixar’s recent movie ‘Cars’. As well as the coding, I also got to illustrate the aerial views of the tracks and cars!

Lead Flash developer

Custom made 2D physics engine
Realistic enemy AI and collision detection

A Diamond Is Forever

Tags: Development




An all Flash site featuring high-res 2D & navigable 3D product gallery spaces, user card-creation and data driven 3D card galleries.

Sr. Flash Developer

Accessible AS3.0 site build with SWFAddress
Heavy Papervision 3D implementation
User generated content
Tweening dynamic text over beziers

Save The Arcades

Tags: Game Dev




‘Zapataur’ is a retro inspired 2D scrolling shooter designed to be played in contest to literally SAVE AN ARCADE COMPANY.

As competition would be fierce, it was developed with INFINITELY incremental enemies, forming constantly more intricate pattern formations as users progress levels.

Though the competition is now over, you can still click here to play Zapataur!

AS3.0 Development

Algorithm based enemy formations ( infinitely scalable )
Seamless stage transformations between levels

A Diamond Is Forever ‘08

Tags: Development





Using Papervision3D to create a dynamically driven 3D gallery of videos, as well as accessible forms, product galleries and behind-the-scenes videos in an all-flash site

Sr. Flash Developer

Full AS3.0 Flash site build
Papervision 3D galeries
User generated content (inc. videos)
Fullscreen background videos

Sunkist’s Orange Nation

I recently developed and animated with Code and Theory the AS3.0 Flash based ‘Orange Nation‘ site for Sunkist, featuring detailed animation and dynamically loaded videos.
Sunkist Hompage

Sunkist content page

Dan300 - Kiji

Further extending the Dan300 brand, I’ve recently designed & illustrated the new Kiji section.

To quote the client:
“OMG OMG OMG! Graham i LOVE it!!”

Dan300 Kiji

Code and Theory website

Influenced heavily by swiss design, and placing an emphasis on cleanly structured layouts with a minimal aesthetic, I recently took part in the design and direction of the new Code and Theory website.
Code and Theory - Project details

Mr T - Get Some Nuts!

Tags: Rich Media

Mr T - Get Some Nuts, Sucka!

I recently partnered with ieMedia to add some Flash lovin’ in a viral MySpace campaign.

When Mr T. says get some nuts, you better do it… sucka!

Dan300 website launched!

MAN! Creating a full e-commerce site takes a LONG TIME when you’re doing the design, illustration, animation, development and management, all solo!

It’s FINALLY LIVE though, and I’m really happy with the end result!

Dan300 grab1

Dan300 grab 2

Dan300 grab3

Dan300 grab 4

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